2018 EFA Design Showcase: Style And Substance

The EFA Design Showcase jurors share what they saw in this year’s submissions, including households gaining ground, ageless interiors, and lots of community engagement.

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EFA Expo Keynote: Time For A New Model

May 22, 2018 | News News

Ryan Frederick, founder and CEO of Smart Living 360, shared his thoughts on how our built environments must support the health and well-being of all ages during the recent EFA Expo & Conference.

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Senior Living Signage ... Informing Residents in Style

Keeping residents informed of “what’s coming up” is just as important as planning and executing the activities themselves. While technology – like a closed-circuit television station, the web and Facebook pages – certainly are part of the mix, we contend that well-designed, attractive signage still plays a critical role in communicating with residents.